How to Configure Webroot Custom Sweep on Your System? Instant Webroot Antivirus Support

Webroot offers full protection for small and medium businesses and individual consumers around the World. The software is priced affordably and offers full-scale security from new malwares, online threats, Trojans & viruses etc for PC, laptops, Mac devices & smart phones.
If you are looking to purchase an antivirus then we suggest Install Webroot Secure Anywhere AntivirusPCs security. Many users face difficulties configuring the custom sweep on your system. The Webroot custom sweep comes under the function of Webroot Spy Sweeper which helps to customize the program look for the suspicious items as well as the type of the items the program scans. Webroot custom sweep is not always configure by users themselves.
In this post we have listed step by step guide to configure your Webroot custom sweep yourself at home. If you have any questions or concern about the Webroot product don’t hesitate to call Webroot Antivirus Support team to get help from the technicians.

Webroot Custom Sweep Settings Step By Step

If you are looking to enhance the Webroot custom sweep settings on your system then this step by step guide-
·         Open the Webroot Spy Sweeper main window from your desktop
·         Select the ‘Options’ in the icon panel.
·         Confirm if the right sweep tab is selected.
·         Select the ‘Sweep setting’ under the Sweep type.
·         Click on the ‘Change setting’ link.
·         When the custom sweep window opens, you will see the four options: where to sweep, what to sweep, skip file types, and the advanced options.  You can select any button at any order.
·         If you wish to exclude certain drivers, directories, or folders from the sweep then deselect them.
·         Sweep away all spyware and threats from C drive.
·         Select these options as listed from the ‘What to sweep panel’ :
o   Now Sweep for viruses in
o   Windows registry.
o   Memory objects.
o   Sweep all user accounts.
o   Compressed files.
o   System restore folder.
·         Enter the file extension and click on the ‘Add to skip’ list. Use a comma for multiple entries.
·         Select the ‘Additional sweep’ options in the ‘Advanced Options’ panel, as shown in the list-
o   Enable direct disk sweeping including the Rootkit detection.
o   Sweep for masked files.
o   Analyze executable programs in a protected memory space.
o   Enable behavioral detection.
o   Sweep speed vs. processor usage.
·         Click ‘Ok’ option after you’re done with selecting the options.
·         Select the ‘Custom Sweep’ as your sweep type to automatically save your custom sweep settings.
·         You’re done!
If you face any issues while going through the above steps then don’t hesitate to contact Webroot Antivirus Phone Number for assistance.

Need Help? Call Toll Free on Webroot Technical Support Number

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